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Preservation through new use, the Locomotive Workshop Tilburg

Currently I am working on a long term documentary project on the LocHal in Tilburg (NL).
A team of designers consisting of The Cloud Collective, Braaksma en Roos Architecten and Inside Outside is working on a conversion of the building that amongst others will house the central public library of the city.


The huge building has been in use a repair shop for locomotives until recently. It was appointed an official industrial heritage status last year. In the coming months I will post some preliminary video material on Vimeo. I'll keep you posted!

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Do check back or get in touch so I can keep you updated on new developments.
Frans Parthesius

Scotts Tower model; architect OMA
Photo-shoot on the roof top of a photo studio in Beijing. Project Scotts Tower by OMA / Ole Scheeren Read More...


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